5 To-Do’s When Renting a Home

By August 31, 2022 Tenants

Renting a home comes with many benefits, such as avoiding property taxes, major home improvements, and in many cases, mowing and snow removal. But before you grab a pen and sign the lease, make sure to review this list. You (and your landlord) want the duration of your lease to be a great experience!

  1. Know the Neighborhood. Before deciding on a rental, be sure you do some research about the area. Not only should you verify the neighborhood’s safety, but it’s also essential to know how close you’d be to grocery stores, gas stations, parking, restaurants, or a gym. At G&H Properties, we are local experts ready to guide you through the rental area.
  2. Understand the Lease. Every lease is different based on the property for rent. Carefully read through the lease and note specific rules about pets, maintenance, rent, deposits, and subletting. Like any contract, by signing, you agree to everything included. Avoid surprises by understanding the lease and asking the landlord any questions you might have!
  3. Get Renter’s Insurance. No property is immune to accidents, natural disasters, fire, or crime. Protect the value of your belongings by obtaining renters insurance. Click here for a complete guide to renter’s insurance.
  4. Closely Inspect the Property. We understand that you want to do everything possible to get your security deposit returned at the end of your lease. Start with a detailed property inspection inside and out to note any pre-existing damage. If possible, walk through with the landlord or take photos to document and provide evidence of damage before your tenancy.
  5. Keep the Property Clean and Well-Maintained. Your responsibilities for maintenance of the property are outlined in the lease. If an issue requires the landlord, don’t wait! A leaky faucet or a strange noise or smell could lead to big problems if not addressed ASAP.

Contact G&H Properties if you have any questions. We would be happy to walk you through the homes we have available for rent and discuss the lease document’s specifics!


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