Should you sell your home in the winter?

By January 20, 2020 Home Real Estate

While spring is consistently the most popular season for home sales, winter might be the most efficient time to sell.

Serious Buyers. In the winter months, residential realty is less busy, but often there are more buyers – not just curious lookers. Those scheduling a showing or attending an open house are generally looking to relocate or move before the weather warms up. Year-end bonus dollars might also bring new buyers to the market.

Less Inventory = Less Competition. Spring brings an overcrowded market. An online home search in your area might have double, or even triple, the number of homes in the spring when compared to a slower market in the winter.

Shoveling vs. Mowing. You won’t spend hours mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge or pruning the flowers when selling your house in the winter. While you must make sure the drive and walk are cleared and ice-free, buyers won’t notice the crabgrass.

Hygge – Comfort and Coziness. When potential buyers step into your home, they will instantly appreciate the warm temperature. You can prep your house for sale by creating a space that makes the buyer want to curl up on the couch with a book and hot cocoa. Winter buyers are more focused on the inside of the home – they will spend less time looking out the windows. Homes that include a fireplace or a large bathtub will be more appealing as well.

Are you inspired to sell your home this winter? Take the next step by meeting with your realtor to talk about price and selling points. At G&H Management, our residential realtor team is ready to help. We pride ourselves in providing stress-free real estate services in southern Minnesota. We are here to help with your selling and buying needs. Contact us today!

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