The Ins and Outs of Apartment Living

By February 28, 2022 Tenants

At G&H Properties, we want to help you find the best apartment to meet your budget, needs, and desired location. Once you’ve moved in, there are some written and unwritten guidelines to keep in mind.

Inspect the apartment: Before you move in and unpack, take a close at the apartment. Work with us immediately on any issues or concerns you might have.

Be a good neighbor: Whether or not this is your first time sharing a wall, be considerate of those around you. It’s a friendly smile, and much more. It’s being mindful of the volume on your tv or music and cleaning up common areas. Be the neighbor you would want!

Report maintenance issues immediately: Don’t let minor issues turn into big problems – give us a call or send a message through our online tenant portal.

Make it yours! Review the rules of your space concerning nails or holes in the walls, but give it your personal touch with furniture and wall art.

Let G&H be your guide to finding and living happily in an apartment. Give us a call or visit our Rentals page to see what’s currently available!  


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