Winterize Your Home Now!

By November 19, 2021 Home Real Estate, Tenants

When you “winterize” your home, it is important to take steps BEFORE winter hits. It’s already November, and that means the temperatures have started to plummet. If you plan effectively, you’ll feel less of the season’s harshest effects.

No more procrastinating — start winterizing your home TODAY! Here are some of our surefire tips for getting started.

Check your heating AND air conditioning system.
It’s always useful to know exactly what you’re working with, because if one thing is wrong, then there are probably more issues to be found! Bring in some expertise to help you assess the situation, or if you’re renting, call maintenance as necessary!

Check for drafts around your home.
If you feel a chill where there shouldn’t be one, that’s worth looking into further! Some drafts are minor and can be dealt with quite easily, while others require some extra help. Either way, it’s best to get them sealed before winter!

Assess any exterior damage.
Is the outside of your home looking a little worse for wear? Any amount of exterior damage has the potential to cause larger issues as time goes on. Once you understand the extent of the damage, you can put a responsible game plan into action.

Clean your gutters of debris.
Crowded gutters are NEVER good news. Gutter debris can cause water damage as well as structural damage if left untreated. But don’t get overwhelmed — you don’t have to clear them out all on your own! Call in some experts, or let your landlord know if you are concerned.

Prep for snow removal.
Dust off the snowblower and make sure you have a shovel nearby! Snow can be a headache to deal with, but you’ll thank yourself later for having the proper tools prepared now.

Enjoy the rest of the fall season comfortably by planning for winter NOW!

If you’re looking to move during the colder months, don’t hesitate to reach out to G&H Properties for guidance.



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