Should You Renew Your Lease or Relocate?

By November 28, 2023 Tenants

Whether you love or hate your current rental, deciding to renew or relocate is a complex choice. Here at G&H Properties, we understand it’s important to be happy in your home and want to ensure you have the best rental experience. If your lease term is approaching, here are some factors to consider when deciding to renew or relocate. 

Neighborhood is an integral part of feeling at home. Think about where you live, whether it suits you and your lifestyle, or if there is another place you’ve had an eye on. Proximity to work, school, grocery stores, and family are all factors that can change based on your rental’s location. 

Lease Terms
Read your lease carefully to know precisely when the term ends and when you must decide to renew. Understand whether or not a rent increase is possible, and research market trends to see what other options are available. 

Rent and Finances
Considering your financial situation is critical in deciding to renew or relocate. Is your current rent within your budget? How does your rent price compare to other potential locations? Research the current rental market, know your budget, and think about what changes might occur in the current economic climate. 

Future Plans
In addition to location and finances, where you want to be or what opportunities might be on the horizon are equally important as being comfortable where you are now. If you plan to switch jobs, get married, start a family, or change roommates, a different living space may better suit your needs. 

Talk to Your Landlord
Your landlord is there to help you, and they want to make sure you have a positive rental experience. Discuss lease terms, specific concerns, or repairs that may impact your decision to stay. Relationships are important; you might be able to move to another property owned by the same company you already trust. 

Moving Costs
Rent is not the only expense to consider when relocating. Making any repairs or updates to your current rental (where permissible) can be expensive, and so can hiring movers and purchasing moving materials. Moving takes valuable time and energy, and it’s essential to assess whether or not the effort is worth it at this time. 

Where you live has a big impact on you and can shape many parts of your life. Making the best decision regarding renting is essential to living the life you want. Check out G&H Properties’ available rental options, and contact us today with any questions! 


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