Tips for determining location

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At G&H Properties, we understand that location matters — in more ways than one. Not only is a chosen location a place to call home, it’s also an opportunity to make connections and make the most out of a community. 

Renters and home buyers alike are faced with the tall task of finding the right fit, and when it comes to community that can be difficult to determine through a screen. That’s why working with local real estate teams makes all the difference. At G&H Properties, we have a full understanding of this community and its surrounding areas. We know why people love to call it home and we will take the time to help you envision yourself here before you commit! 

No more wondering “what if” — let’s get started now!

Here are some things to keep front-of-mind when determining a location for your next move: 

  • Proximity to schools. If you have kids, this is a big one. Knowing where the schools are located in a community will help you plan more accordingly. 
  • Proximity to your workplace. It’s beneficial to know whether you’ll be a commuter or whether you can simply walk down the street to work. This is an element of location scouting that requires some prioritization — would you rather be closer to work or do you not mind a bit of a drive? 
  • Walkability. Having the ability to walk or bike over to a local business or take advantage of the trail system in a community is valuable to many renters and buyers. 
  • Nearby attractions. Take into consideration everything that surrounds the location that you’re looking into. What businesses are nearby? Are there parks or other fun activities that you could take advantage of? Consider what’s important to you to have easy access to. 
  • The presence of busy roads. Whether or not you’re bothered by the sound of traffic, it’s still important to note the types of roads that surround you. Prior to moving in to a neighborhood, you’ll find it beneficial to discover if there are highways or high traffic streets located nearby. 
  • Popularity of the neighborhood. Would you prefer a neighborhood that’s full of people or a more secluded one? 

Let’s get you in a location that has the most impact. Talk to G&H Properties about our available listings today. 




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