The 411 on Pets and Apartments

By April 25, 2022 Tenants

According to, 70% of American families own a pet – 69 million families have a dog, 45 million have a cat, and almost 12 million have fish. If you are included in that 70%, and you’re looking for an apartment, are you limited on choice?

The rules for rental units can vary drastically from one apartment to the next. Some of the variations include:

  • Types – Some buildings allow small dogs but not cats, while others may allow cats and dogs. Fish are ok for some apartments, but there may be a limit on the size of the tank.
  • Number – If dogs or cats are allowed, you might be restricted by how many are allowed in the apartment.
  • Breed & Weight Restrictions – Certain dogs may not be allowed due to the nature of the breed or how large they grow.
  • No-Pet Policies – Many buildings will not allow any pets. Dogs and cats tend to leave behind scratch marks and unpleasant smells when they don’t receive proper care. Building owners aren’t willing to risk the damage pets might inflict.
  • Pet Deposit or Rent Increase – If the building does allow pets, you might be required to pay a pet deposit or pay more each month for the pet.

If a pet is allowed in your apartment, then be a good neighbor by staying up to date on pet shots, allowing them to exercise, providing quality attention, keeping them leashed when outside, and cleaning up after all pet messes and yard waste. Don’t be the reason a landlord might need to change their pet rules!

The rentals available through G&H Properties also vary in pet allowances. Please read the listing carefully or give us a call to discuss your pet and apartment needs!

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